About Me


I’m Henry, what’s your name?

That’s how my mother always told me to introduce myself so if you would like to talk, feel free to start a conversation above. You can also reach me at any of the places below:

Twitter: @talktohenrj

Email: talktohenryj@gmail.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/talktohenryj

I am a cool guy. I love meeting new people so no fear, I don’t bite. I would love to talk with you about life, business and/or music as those are my favorite topics but I am open to any quality conversation or opportunity to learn.

I currently work full time as a Sales Executive at Zerto. I am so happy that I took this job as I am a firm believer that sales is in everything and one of the most important skills in life. I have always known I want to be an entrepreneur so this was a great stepping stone for me. I also am the founder of a fairly successful Meetup group in Boston –Boston Young Black Professionals. Creating Boston Young Black Professionals has been life-changing for me. I have learned that I am very skilled at connecting people and it also helped me escape from a very lonely time in my life and find  a group of people I seriously want to help.

I am not an entrepreneur yet but as you can see I am always trying to learn so please if you need help with something I have done or something you think I can do feel free to reach out. Below are a few topics I think I can help with:

Sales – Obviously I have done it for about years now

Marketing- I read a lot about marketing and have done it for a few of my projects; such as my Meetup groups and my previous events.

Business Development- I have never done business development but I feel like the combination of marketing and sales are a big part of it. Another key aspect is business modeling. As I have mentioned, I have not started a business but I have helped others with this and I listen and read a lot about entrepreneurship ( I know this doesn’t give you the keys to the kingdom but I think I could help).

Starting Meetup Groups – I have done this three times, two of which have been pretty successful.

Hiring people on Odesk- I have had two websites developed through Odesk but I can’t take full credit for this, I learned from Trey Smith

Evaluating Situation- I spoke about this in one of my recent posts. It is important to perceive life situations correctly. I believe very heavily in approaching life positively and I can help you do the same. This may not seem as if it is a profit generator but I promise that it will change your life. If you don’t want to speak to me about it, I recommend learning more about Ryan Holiday and Stoicism.