Entrepreneurship is the key….


A few days ago I was perusing Facebook and came across the post above by my friend Jayson. This post came at a perfect time for me because there were many thoughts running through my head and I was having trouble prioritizing them. This really helped me put things into perspective.

Recently I have begun to think more about that second important day that Jayson speaks about. Why am I on this earth? For most of my life I thought the answer to this question was “to make a lot of money”. If you asked me in college what I wanted to be when I got older I would have told you “rich”. This eventually matured into “entrepreneur” but it wasn’t until this year that money no longer became the motivation.

Skills are the essential way to make money this became a motto I lived by after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. This led me down all different paths to help me make money I caddied, I cut hair but most importantly I sold. I found to be most important and led me to the job I am in today. But it wasn’t until I attempted to learn more about leadership and started my side project, Young Black Professionals, that I really found my purpose.

It came because often in our group we speak about the troubles of the black community and through this we come up with many potential solutions. For me the solution is entrepreneurship. This has spurred me to take an even deeper dive into my goals to become an entrepreneur. How can I tell someone to take a chance at entrepreneurship if I  am not willing to take a chance myself? How can I show someone how to be successful if I have not been a successful entrepreneur myself? I have chosen myself to be a guiding example. I am going to help promote entrepreneurship as the key to wealth acquisition for communities of people (especially black people). If you want to lead a people you must do it from the front and this will be my first step.

Your time is limited in this world and if I have learned nothing else thus far its that you must value that. Starting Young Black Professionals was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I started the organization for selfish reasons but it has helped many people and has spurred me to help even more. There is a chance promoting entrepreneurship isn’t my purpose for the rest of my life but for the past few months this has weighted on me. This has become my new reason to become an entrepreneur and to me is even more powerful than money. When you find your purpose you realize that your time is more limited than you once thought. The longer you wait to do what you are here to do the more people that suffer. I want to be a successful entrepreneur so I can help teach people how to do the same. This will in turn create wealth for the people I reach and the communities around them. Without a leader there can be no followers so, wish me luck as I do what I am here to do and please reach out to me if you have any questions on how to find why you are here as well.